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How To Change Your Website Name

Date: July 30, 2012 Author: ang Category: Internet Tips Tutorials WordPress Tags: , , Comments: 0

How to change your website name? It's not easy to change your website name, i.e. your domain name, but it is possible. Most websites these days use WordPress, Joomla, or simple HTML files, so I will cover these types of websites.

Another option you might consider besides changing your website's domain name is to just have another domain name point to your current site using a 301 redirect (cPanel 301 redirect,  PHP header 301 redirect).

Chage the name of my WordPress website

Changing the displayed name of your WordPress website is easy.

  1. Click on 'General' under 'Settings'.
  2. Edit the 'Site Title's field.
  3. Click the 'Save Changes' button.
Changing the domain name for your WordPress website isn't easy at all. WordPress websites usually use custom themes, making it even more difficult to predict how to properly change a WordPress website's domain name. I recommend purchasing a new hosting account for your new domain, and re-installing WordPress there. You can then use WordPress's export/import feature to transfer your posts, pages, and files to the new WP site. Once your website is copied successfully, delete the old website to eliminate duplicate content.

Change the name of my Tumble website

Changing the name of your Tumblr website is probably the easiest example in this tutorial. Follow the steps in this tutorial: Change Tumblr URL

Change the name of my HTML website

To change the domain name of your simple HTML website, just change the name servers for your new domain to match your current hosting account. You will need to contact your current hosting account to get the nameservers, then you will need to contact your domain registrar, if it's different than your hosting company, and ask them how to set the domain nameservers. Here're some instructions on how to change the nameservers on your Godaddy registered domain name.

Once you have the new domain name pointing at your hosting account, you will need to make it your primary domain for your hosting account To do this you will need to contact the company for your hosting account.

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