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Making Your Website Mobile

Date: April 21, 2012 Author: ang Category: Affordable Web Design Business Internet Tips news Online Advertising Tips WordPress Tags: , , Comments: 0

"I need a website that's mobile." I'm hearing this more and more from website customers and for good reason.

As more and more people are using mobile devices to browse the web instead of desktop computers, it's becoming more important to own mobile compatible websites. A mobile compatible website not only works on desktop computers; it also works on mobile devices like iphones, android phones, any cell phone, iPads, iPods and android tablets.

Unfortunately, making your website mobile isn't that easy and you will have to recreate your website.

Fortunately, offers the Affordable Website Package which will convert your website to a mobile compatible one for free for just $16/month. The Affordable Website Package also includes web hosting, a custom logo, an email list, a professional online advertisement, SEO and continual support.

A mobile compatible website is helpful for some website, and a must for others.

Businesses that MUST own a mobile compatible website

  1. Auto Repair Shop - If you own an auto repair business, then you should definitely own a mobile compatible website. When people breakdown unexpectedly, they often use yelp to find a local repair shop and quickly browse through car repair websites to find rates and characteristics that signify a credible, legit business.
  2. Restaurants - Tourists and out-of-towners often use their cellphone and smartphone to find local eats on the fly.
  3. Cafes - Tourists and out-of-towners often use their cellphone and smartphone to find a place to wind down and have a nice coffee or tea.
  4. Theaters - People from out of town often look for a source of entertainment on the fly, from their smartphones.
  5. Clubs - Visitors from out of town don't use computers to find a club they want to go to, they use their cellphones.
  6. Taxi Service - People's cars break down, or they are intoxicated and need a ride. They check their smartphones for local options.
  7. Tourist attractions - Tourists use their smart phones to find local historic attractions. If they can't use the site, chances are they will miss attractions and the city will make less tourist revenue.

As people get used to using their phones to browse through the web, they end up using it to browse through all websites. As time goes on, this phenomena will surely increase. You can only help your online presense by making your website mobile.

Below is a list of WordPress website themes you can use when signing up for the Affordable Website Package

  1. office
  2. modernize
  3. bankok press
  4. super skeleton
  5. swagger
  6. construct
  7. elogix
  8. flare
  9. emaginem
  10. linguini

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